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Wedding Favours

When you make a donation in lieu of wedding favours to The Irish Racehorse Retirement Fund we will provide you with beautiful cards for your reception. We have a number of cards to choose from that are decorated with images of wonderful horses. We suggest a €2 donation per card, but please email to discuss any further details.

We hope that your wedding day will be memorable and very happy. We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness. May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy as you build your new lives together.


Remember Someone

Donations in lieu of flowers

You can request donations to the Irish Racehorse  Retirement Fund in lieu of flowers at the funeral or memorial service for your loved one. You can let family and friends know about your decision by including some information in the death notice of your loved one.

We can provide branded envelopes for donations. All contributions will go towards the Irish racehorse retirement fund which exists to promote a life after racing.

For further information about our memorial options, please email us.


Corporate Sponsorship

The Irish Racehorse Retirement Fund are looking for companies that share our values: compassion, collaboration and creativity.

We hope to encourage staff engagement by getting employees on board with the partnership that are passionate about our cause as this can open a lot of doors.

We are searching for a creative project which helps both parties stand out. We believe that a more creative approach can really capture the public imagination and raise the profile of both parties.

Corporate sponsorship allows both parties to enhance the authority, credibility and authenticity of what they are both saying. Businesses and charities can achieve more by working together to address social and environmental issues than by working alone.

A strong, ongoing partnership also has the power to make a sustainable, long-term impact.


How your company can help

Companies can give strong commitments to give something back to society and contribute towards their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This will benefit the company as well as the horses.

Your staff can support us by organising a coffee morning, a non-uniform day, participating in a 5km/10km race or doing something totally different.

There is also a fantastic initiative known as ‘Payroll Giving’ which is a tax-effective scheme whereby the donation is taken from an employee's pay before tax is deducted. This is a very effective and efficient method of donating.

Please feel free to email us with any further questions.


Adoption Gift.

Can I buy an adoption as a gift?

Yes of course. You can choose to have your adoption pack sent directly to the gift recipient if you wish. Alternatively, it will be sent directly to you (if for a special occasion the date can be chosen and a personal message can be added in).

How does adopting a retired Racehorse help?

Your adoption of €25 will last one year. By adopting one of our horses, you will be helping us in our work of improving the lives of racehorses retiring from their racing career.

For this you will receive:

  • A personalised certificate

  • A framed photo of your horse

  • The story of your chosen horse

  • Regular Updates

How do I renew an adoption?

When it is time to renew your adoption, you will receive a letter from us.

Can I adopt more than one horse at a time?

Yes, we would love you to. Many of our adoption horses are good friends with each other and so you are welcome to adopt as many as you like depending on your circumstances and our assessment.

Can I add a donation to my adoption?

We would be extremely grateful if you did, every little extra helps us do more. You will be able to add your donation during the checkout process.

Can I visit my adopted horse?

Yes of course please email us to arrange.

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