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Retired off the track racehorse transition fund.

This fund is available to off the track thoroughbreds that have been retired from racing. The fund covers anywhere from eight weeks to six months approximately of the retraining process, which allows our experienced staff to work with the horse to assess what discipline/role might best suit them. If you would like to apply for this pension, please contact us to arrange viewing and consultation. 


* please note that this can be variable depending on funds available at the time of application *

Rehabilitation for racehorses retiring due to Injury. 


This service is available for racehorses that have had to retire due to injury and cannot start a retraining program straight away. This rehabilitation service will be provided by Equi-Ed and our vets. 



Welfare Training to industry staff and re-trainers supplied by Irelands leading equine educator Equi-Ed:


Racehorse Health and Welfare – Level 3 certified training.


This training addresses the care of racehorses from a welfare perspective within the context of ‘The Five Freedoms’ framework, but it also goes beyond that to incorporate considerations of positive welfare and underlying ethical issues. 

The importance of everyone that deals with thoroughbreds being fully trained and aware of their responsibilities has never been more pressing in Ireland given recent high-profile controversies that have raised concerns amongst the public about the standards of horse welfare in the racing world. The aim of this training is to help raise standards across the racing industry.


Re-training Racehorses Training:

Racehorse to Riding Horse Aftercare – Level 3 certified training

This training allows the learner to have a greater insight into the injuries, conditions and characteristics of a racehorse that can affect their future alternative career. It aims to teach the learner how to appropriately manage any issues that can arise, which will result in longevity for the ex-racehorse, enhanced health/wellbeing and the chance of improved performance in their new career.


Funding support for re-trainers:


Please click HERE  (terms and conditions apply)

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